Ana Ruzzarim

Chocolate Maker

I’ve started late in chocolate world, at age of 48. Being a chocolate makes is my second profession in life. The chocolate invited me to follow its way and I accepted. Through it I discovered a new world with different goals and values, like sustainable development and social values that are imply in the Bean to Bar method landed me to this type of production.

Make a chocolate today, from fine Brazilian cocoa, generating a fair productive chain, a delicious product, healthy, using few ingredients (cocoa, sugar and milk) is my moving passion.

I believe that I don’t make chocolates, I create sensory experiences.

Negro Doce

Handmade Chocolate

We are a company with so much love for Brazil and its natural riches!

We believe that through the work, we can make a better and fair world for all people. We see chocolate making as a way to give meaning to our lives and help our people build a more dignified life. Therefore, all materials uses in our products are produced on Brazilian soil.

We prioritize natural ingredients, with no preservatives, flavoring or artificial agents.

When you taste our chocolates you can find the farm work, the difficulty of logistics in such a large country, the study of transformation from cocoa into chocolate, the competence of the national machinery industry, the careful from the employee who molds and packages you chocolate, the smile from those who sell it! You can find all the Brazilians who take this difficult and surprising path that leads us to creating chocolate!

 Welcome to our 100% Brazilian chocolate, from Rio Grande do Sul and Caxias do Sul, with so much proud!

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